All of the original Breakout Boards (BOB for short) have sold out. I was getting discouraged by the slow sales. Initially, I made the BOB as a cheap and simple way to interface with the Synapse Wireless RF Engines. Since making the BOBs, Serge Sozonoff and I have made other boards for the RF Engines. During this time it seemed like no one was interested in any type of board for the RF Engine. The BOB is intended to be multipurpose. It can replace the SNAPStick when using a 3.3 volt FTDI Cable or FTDI Breakout. Although the BOB does not include every the SN171 Protoboard does, my BOB makes it easy to breadboard or solder components directly on the boards.

Here are some pictures of the updated BOB:

[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

The Silkscreen on the bottom is for the RF100, but the RF200 and the RF300 change a few pins. The changes from the previous BOB include our stacking/add-on headers without the 6 reserved pins. The components have been changed to surface mount. A 3.5mm screw terminal has been added in case someone whats to use that instead of the 2.54mm headers.  I will have to look component prices, but I think I can offer most of these as a kit for $10 + shipping. If assembly is needed, I can figure out a price.

These have just been sent to the FAB house, so they should arrive back to me within 4 weeks.

UPDATE Mar 15, 2011:

PCBs were delivered today. Added Pictures of the Green PCBs. I also have Blue. I will get a price list together soon.

UPDATE Mar 28, 2011:

I will sell bare PCBs for $3 green, $4 blue.

I will sell "assembled" boards for $13 green, $14 blue.

Assembled means:

  • All Surface mount components put on boards (except LEDS and Resistor for LEDS)
  • 12 pin 2 mm headers soldered on for RF Engine
  • In the Bag will be screw terminals if you want to put them on.
  • A strip of 40 pin mail headers, and one jumper.

The reason for not putting all the headers and jumpers on are to leave it flexible for you. If you don't want jumpers, you can use a piece of jumper wire to keep your selection that way.

Stay tuned for an article showing how to use a BOB as your Gateway...