If you are a company or individual who uses Synapse Wireless RF Engines, how many times do you design a board with the same basic components? With the help and co-operation from some people around the world, here is the SNARF-BASE:

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The SNARF-BASE v3h has these features:

  • Voltage Regulation to 3.3 volts for the RF Engine with a protection diode
  • Has solder jumpers to select between RF100 or RF200 (even RF300)
  • Has 3 very useful I2C devices for almost any project onboard:
    • PCF2129A Realtime Clock with Interrupt to wake RFE from sleeep
    • LM75A Temperature Sensor
    • 24LC256 EEPROM to store data. (Mainly used when out of range, but has other purposes)
  • Has a RS232 driver on both UART0 and UART1
  • Has an Axillary voltage regulator used to shutdown sensors on demand
  • Uses standard spaced headers  for application specific addon boards that could be stacked

The goal is to provide this board fully assembled and tested. This should allow companies/users to get started on their application faster. By including the headers, you only have to develop a small pcb for your project. (You could even use protoboard if you wanted).


More projects and boards to come shortly. Although I have been quiet on the blog, I have been developing and testing boards and parts. Stay tuned.....

UPDATE: 2011/03/28

This board was done for a company. I am sold out, but will have more at the end of April. The newest design is not finalized yet. Now is the time to talk to me If you would like some of these boards, or see changes to these boards. I will order 40 updated PCBs. Again, If you are interested in this board and/or changes, contact me before April 4th. Changes so far:

  • Changed RS232 driver to ICL3223EIVZ in order to save power in sleep modes
  • Move Temperature sensor out from under RF Engine
  • R4 (Addon Header Reserved Pin 4) connected to VIN after the diode, but before the voltage regulator. This is to provide application specific addon boards access to the VIN in case the addon board needs more than 3.3 volts.