Please see the following post to see about the SNARF-BASE:

The PCBs for the SNARF-BASE v3i5 will be coming in next week. In order to know many parts to order, I am asking for commitments. No money needed at this time.
If I get commitments for 60 boards(total as a group), the price for you will be $37.00/board + shipping
If I get commitments for 25 boards(total as a group), the price for you will be $41.00/board + shipping

I do not have the money to simply order the parts for all the boards and have them sitting around. For people interested after the Pre-orders are done, the price will be $50.00, unless their order is 25+ boards.

If interested, please email me with how many boards you want, and your mailing address.
I would like to close Pre-orders on May 6th, and order the parts. (if needed, pre-orders can be extended, but delivery time will be delayed too)
The timeline for board assembly and mailing
Payments to be made in full prior to your shipping
Boards should be ready to be mailed out May 17th

Update May 1, 2011:

Below are image exports from the design software. The SNARF-BASE is the first two images. The ATMega32u4 is the next two images. A Basic protoboard that fits as an addon to the base board is the next image. Then the last image is the Breakout Board. The breakout board is intended to be a cheap simple way to get access to all radio pins or a small node that doesn't need much.

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