Hello again, it has been a long time since I've updated this site. I have been busy working with individual companies and making PCBs to their design requests. This process usually takes a week or two of emails back and forth to get the final design they want. Then it takes about 2-3 weeks for the boards to be fabricated and mailed to me. Then up to a week for me to assemble, test, and ship the finished product to the customer. If this is something you are interested in, please contact me.

One of the requests I get fairly often is a board that charges LIPO/LI-Ion batteries from various power sources. Solar is the most common. Working with Serge taught me a bit with our earlier boards. Serge currently has prototype boards for charging and "fuel guage" of the batteries. They are coming along nicely. I would expect to have a finished product within a month. As these are still in proto-type and will have slight changes, now is the time to get involved if you want something specific.

Personally, I have been focused on two areas. Improving the BASE board and improving/updating the underlying linux on the E10. The Base board is available now for $45 a piece + shipping on total order. The BASE board is intended to provide the basics needed for an RF Engine mesh network (sleepy or otherwise). The BASE board is 2 inches x 2.2 inches. It includes voltage regulation, RTC with interrupt to wake RF Engine, 24LC256 EEPROM for offline storage, LM75A Temp Sensor, and a RS-232 level converter. It also include addon/stacking headers. These headers can be used to put your application specific board on top.  One such addon module is the atmega32u4 microSD Logger. (More details in a future post.)

On the E10. The E10 is great for what it does, but I would like to see it do more. I am working to update its buildroot environment. I would like to be able to package the extra software in .ipk files. This will allow users to run "opkg update && opkg install socat" or whatever program they need to install. This is more of a personal goal, but if Synapse Wireless decides to pick it up and run with it, that is ok with me.

Serge has been working very hard to create "bridge" devices (for lack of a better term) between diverse SNAP networks over the internet. We are currently able to do this using an E10 and openvpn. He is working to create a solution for Hobbyist/DIY market where they do not need an E10 to accomplish this. There are some exciting software and hardware development in the works.

So, if anything of this interest you, give either one of us a contact through email or comment.

Also, I will get some pictures of completed boards and documentation up soon. If there are an HOWTOs, board development, and anything else you would like to see, just let us know.