One of the pieces that Synapse Wireless make is the Snap Connect E10. I will call this the E10 for short. The E10 is an ARM926 platform running Linux. It has an RF Engine in it and runs a piece of software called SNAP Connect. Slowly over a couple of months I have been updating the Linux pieces of the E10. These updates are primarily to support more USB wifi and cellular data modem, but they also update most of the core utilities. This post is meant as a point in time documentation of the changes from the factory image to what I have.

Details below...


Factory Updated To
Buildroot Version 2010.02 2011.11-git
Linux Kernel 2.6.33 3.0.9(3.1.0 soon)
Target Architecture Variant generic_arm arm926t
uClibc C library Version 0.9.31.x
Binutils Version 2.20 2.21
GCC Compiler Version 4.3.4 4.3.x
BusyBox Version 1.13.x 1.19.3
Python Version 2.6.6 2.7.2

There are many other updates, but those are the highlights. This thread over on the forums has more details about where to download and how to install. One of the HUGE benefits is that I release my entire setup publicly. Using GitHub, this repository can be downloaded by anyone. If you are an individual or a company looking to customize your E10, you can download my repository. Then you can customize it and build it. A couple of companies have already picked up my repository to use for their own custom builds. The one and only thing that I ask is this: If you find bugs or have issues, please let me know so they can be fixed. It would be nice if you let me know you are using my repo and/or build, but it is not necessary.

If you are looking for more USB wireless support, more USB Cellular modem support, updated applications, or just the ability to customize what you have on the E10, then download the repo and build an image.