Lately my work has kept me very busy. If you are looking for synapse wireless E10 development, most of that is happening on the backend. Some posts and updates are happening in the E10 Synapse Wireless forum. Otherwise I am uploading new builds to http://www.jcwoltz.com/e10/.


Regarding Custom Circuit board and Breakout boards for Synapse Wireless Radios, I do not have time to make them anymore. Solarbotics make a decent board for a breakout and also a board with a FTDI chip. They also make an adapter so you can put an RF Engine into an Xbee socket. Synapse Wireless has released their RF266 which is meant to plug directly into an XBee socket.

Someday I will write up direction on how to download and build the builds I release. Until then, there is information scattered in the Synapse Wireless forum.