J.C. Woltz

My work primarily focuses on Servers (Linux/Windows) and all the management that comes with Windows Server. (Active Directory, Group Policy, LDAP, Kerberos, IPSec, MDT, WSUS, Exchange, SQL, Dynamics AX, etc, etc...)

My Linux work is divided into two areas. Servers/Services and embedded. I have many years experience managing Linux servers and applying automaton techniques. Embedded Linux work primarily focuses on the Synapse Wireless E10 which is based on the AT91SAM9G20 CPU. Custom builds and configuration. Works demands have taken time away from continuing builds for the E10.

A secondary focus has been on Networking. This involves layer 2 and layer 3 switches. Routers using T1/T3. Multisite networks. QoS for VoIP traffic and other traffic. Also with everything that comes with an iSCSI SAN for use inĀ  VMWare environments.

Then finally Workstations. Using MDT and WDS to deploy new computers or upgrade to Windows 7. Group Policies on the server end for lock down and software deployment. Creating automated solutions for a quick re-image with MDT.