My first PCB came in the mail. It looks good. Some things sure look different in real life than when zoomed in on the screen.

Things to change:

  • The 2mm headers should have a little bit more copper. The drill size and placement is good.
  • Add a place for a smaller voltage regulator
  • Add a diode or something to drop the 5 volt tx down to 3.3 for the rx on the rf engine. Strictly 3.3V, no logic level translation yet.
  • Removed all the leds except one. Put a 0603 pad for resistor. Put a solder jumper to select None/GPIO0/GPIO1.
  • Re-arranged components.
  • Added extra breadboard holes to allow 900 mil, 600 mil, 400 mil, and 100 mil spacing. Sensors or components could also be soldered directly to the board.

Here is the layout for the new board. I have sent this off for manufacture. I will receive 10 blue and 10 green of this board. I would expect these at the end of October. If anyone needs these sooner, I can have a batch run, but will cost more.

Here are the ordering options I am offering:

  1. Bare PCB Only $3 Green, $4 Blue
  2. PCB + 2 samtec headers $6 Green, $7 Blue
  3. PCB + following components: $9 Green, $10 Blue
    • 2 Samtec MMS-112-01-T-SV headers
    • 1 MC33269T-3.3G Low Drop Out Voltage Regulator
    • 1 0603 Green LED
    • 1 0603 Resistor
    • 3 Shut/Jumper blocks (used to select uart and power source)
    • 2 100uF Capacitors
    • 2 100nF (0.1uF) Capacitors
    • 2 Diodes
    • 1 40 pin male breakaway header