This one took a little longer than normal to do. Before I get to the details, I want to point out a few forum posts that helped. reblli1 had a function to save on the number of writes to nvparams. I'm sorry I forgot which post gave me the NVParameters to use for reliable serial. I am now able to RELIABLY program arduino boards at 57600 through avrdude or the arduino IDE.

Disclaimer: I do not own a SNAP Protoboard. I am using my own breakout boards, but this should be doable through a SNAP Protoboard if that is what you have.

I initially used three nodes to set this up, one being portal. Now that this is working, I only need the two nodes that talk to each other. Short details, Hook up UART1 to your computer with GPIO_10 on the DTR line. Hook up UART1 to your arduino with GPIO_9 on the reset pin.


Modify these two scripts with your mac addresses:

Arduino Node

Computer Node

This will be updated with more details. But if you are looking for a quick way to get up and running, here it is.

Pictures of the Setup:

Computer side is a USB -> 3.3v FTDI Breakout -> BOB. Note The BOB UART jumpers were meant to mate with an Arduino or similar device, So I had to use jumper wires to cross-over the RX and TX singnals.

[gallery link="file"]

Pictures of the Arduino Setup included above. The Green BOB was used for the Arduino. The Blue BOB was used on the computer side with the FTDI Cable.

This has been tested to work with a Sparkfun Arduino Pro(Pictured), Arduino Duemilanove, Seeeduino Stalker, and a boarduino.